This residential development is located in Bundall on a large site consisting of 4 adjoining lots at the junction of Waterford Court and Racecourse Drive.
This is a site which acknowledges demand for convenient residential use, in a walkable distance to the Bundall commercial precinct, the new GCCC administrative buildings, the Southport Golf Club and the Gold Coast Turf Club.

• The project includes 187 apartments (1, 2 and 3 and 4 bed apartments in a mix of sizes). Buildings are 3 and 4 storey structures which step back at major building corners and the Racecourse Drive frontage, creating landscaped roof terraces – “green shoulders”. Buildings will read as substantially 3 level structures with recessed 4 level components.
• 187 Apartments
• Energy Efficient lighting
• 3 & 4 stories
• A mixture of 3512 luminaires in OMS, UNILAMP, and STOCK-Line range

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